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U.S. Hispanics stand out in longevity

Study shows U.S. Hispanics live longer

SKY BLUE – U.S. Hispanics live longer by more than two years and blacks by more than seven, CDC researchers say in a report that is the first to calculate life expectancy of U.S Hispanics.

The life expectancy report released Wednesday is the evidence of what  experts call the “Hispanic paradox” — longevity for a population with a large share of poor, undereducated members. A leading theory is that U.S. Hispanics are among the healthiest from their countries.

A U.S. Hispanic born in 2006 could expect longevity as his life expectancy is about 80 years and seven months. Life expectancy for a white is about 78, and for a black,73 years, which is less than U.S. Hispanics.

Researchers have seen signs of U.S. Hispanic longevity for years. But until recently, the government didn’t calculate life expectancy for Hispanics as a separate group. The new report of U.S. Hispanic longevity projecting future life expectancy is based on death certificates from 2006.

By breaking out the longevity of Hispanics, the life expectancies for non-Hispanic whites and blacks both declined slightly, said the report’s author, Elizabeth Arias of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

U.S. Hispanics are the largest, fastest growing minority, accounting for 15 percent of the population.

An estimated 40 percent of the U.S. Hispanics are immigrants, who in some cases arrived after arduous journeys to do taxing manual labor. It takes a fit person to accomplish that, suggesting that the United States is gaining some of the healthiest people born in Mexico and other countries, said Dr. Peter Muennig of Columbia University‘s school of public health who has studied life expectancy in different countries.

Compared to the estimate for all U.S. Hispanics, life expectancy is nearly two years lower in Puerto Rico, and more than four years lower in Mexico, according to World Health Organization figures.


U.S. Hispanics (live longer)

Life expectancy


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