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Corporation Identity of Sports Teams

CI is important for sports teams because it’s not only for their public image but also for millions of people who’re going to purchase the related items. In that sense, creating and keeping the right CI will make it possible to satisfy the sports fans and build up strong and solid impression of the teams.

Some teams never change their uniform such as L.A. Lakers, Boston Celtics. Both teams are the best teams in the league that lead championship record chasing each other. If you have a look at their historical players such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who played in the 70’s, you’re going to figure out the uniform he wore is not so very different from the current one. Boston Celtics are even better at such consistency. It’s really hard to figure out the difference between the current Celtics Uniform and that of the 50’s. The consistency will help to build up reliable and firm image of the organizations.

Several NBA teams changed their uniforms and logos in recent years. They include Utah Jazz, Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, L.A Clippers. Especially the Jazz are apt to change their logo and uniforms often.

The Jazz has changed their logos and uniforms three times for the last 14 years, which suggest 4 different logos and uniforms for last 15 years. The changes were very major and it’s very hard to catch the common aspect in the designs. Such change will lead to confusion and less recognition.

Nevertheless, what’s optimistic about the recent change is that the team is trying to get back to the oldest one, unifying the images at the same time. The new logo and uniform movement seriously started in 2009 when they went retro with the old green and yellow jazz note uniform. Many home fans expressed their support to the uniform as they show up to the game wearing it. Jazz players also made some comments about their support to the retro uniform with the local media such as the Saltlake City Tribune. Greg Miller, the team owner declared that they will make some changes. The new uniforms and logo were publicized in June and they’re based on those of the 70’s which is the team’s first one. They also tried to keep the color set. The new color set which is navy, yellow, dark green will hopefully absorb the old history of the team that went too casual and made too frequent changes. Hopefully, the Jazz will keep it forever just like the Celtics even though I don’t like some of its elements. We just need some consistency!

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