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Weekend Assignment

At the first shot, it was nice that the reporter tried to give some sense of the place by panning, but the speed was not constant. When panning, the speed should be slow and constant and stop at the end, but the reporter failed to do so. The third and fourth shot passed by too quickly that I had hard time recognizing what they were. Things get too desultory in the fashion show scene and the person failed to catch and follow the models. There are so many bad framings. When following the models, there should have been some extra space following in front of the models, not their back space instead.

The video lacks in creativity and variety of the camera angles. However,considering the circumstance, I understand she couldn’t have various angles for the interviews. What I want to point out is that the interviewees were mostly cut above their neck. It should have shown the shoulder level of these people. Many scenes are shaky, she needs to use her both hands to avoid it. The last interview was done in a kind of shady place where it’s hard to see the person. Backlighting was a bad choice and it was hard to see the interviewee’s eyes. The music gets louder at the end, but I don’t wanna criticize it because I know it’s hard to find a place in such coverage. Those people are always busy talking to one anohter, so it’s really hard to ask them to move to somewhere else for an interview.

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