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Chapter 11 summary and reflection(to be updated)

Ethics and legal issues of online journalism are basically complicated and not quite certain because it’s complicated and can be in various forms even though it’s still in its infancy. In the earlier years, online media were considered to be out of the legal and ethical regulation and consideration and I believe many service provider and users were reckless about such things. There are numerous things that are related to online journalism ethics and law.

The first thing the textbook mention is libel. Libel is a big deal because of the anonymity online and it was surprising to see how complicate it is. The issue include possible libel from comments made by users of online news sites. It’s important to put charge and responsiblity on organizations and their users, but more essentially, better and matured manner of using the convenience is requied.

Obscenity and copyright is other big issues of online journalism. They’re potential probelm of online materials  because it can be anyone or no one who see them. Contents provider might not worry about the problems as serious as they would if it was offline and the the open environment of internet will actually light up the fire to the fuse.

There were interesting terms and concept of copyright and linking which is also related to copyright issues. The underlying base of internet’s convenience popularity is its easiness to copy and share information. So it was very predictable that it would encounter copyright issues. So all the legal regulation and judgement comes in, but the rapidly evolving new media might not enable the legal tools to keep up with them. So ethics matter a big time, especially in online media use.

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