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Unprofessional Twitter Use

Kim, Ju-ha, a famous anchorwoman of South Korea, has more than 140,000 followers on her twitter account(@kimjuha). She recently became furious on another twitter user(@Social_Holic) who twitted “there is a brainless person who keeps twitting pointless things such as “I’m here”, “Is there anyone drowsy?” Even though the user did not point out who “the brainless” is, Kim used to make such comments and declared she will litigate him regarding possible libel charges.

First of all, Kim surely is a good profession and does good jobs on her reporting. She doesn’t deserve such an offensive comment. However, she has to admit that her twitter use has been unprofessional. It’s her freedom to twit whatever she wants but as a profession, and as a power-twitter who has more than a hundred-thousands followers, she has to be thoughtful with her twitter use. No one really wants to hear such comments like “I’m here,” when there are hundreds of other things to read.

Libel in South Korea is quite different from that of the United States. But, If she was in the U.S. she would have to prove that the comment hurt her feeling and led her to emotional distress with physical illness or monetary loss. Since she’s a public figure she also should prove the actual malice, which suggests that @Social_Holic meant to hurt her by distorting the truth. Moreover, hurt of feeling is not something to find compensations for, but something to overcome. Most of all, I believe the comment might be harsh but it’s still fair in terms of free speech. I’m just sorry that a leading figure of today’s journalism is not capable of dealing with both twitter and follow-up reaction.

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