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Short news story about my soundslide project

John Chisham, who refers to as himself “John the Baptist”, and his fellow Baptist preachers visited Minnesota State University, Mankato Nov. 16.

Their speeches riled up many MSU students who were simply walking to or from their classes.

His speech targeted the MSU LGBT community, immodest women, feminists, anyone who consumes alcohol, Jews, Muslims and others he refers to as “so-called Christians” who do not share his interpretation of the bible.

Rev. Chisham often travels to campuses in the region with another evangelist, Shawn “the Baptist” Holes of Lake Placid, NY, who recently pled guilty to hate crime charges in Scotland.

The Mankato LGBT community charges that hate speech by groups like Chisham’s are a big problem

“When your speech is directly affecting other people, like when speech is trickling down into the minds of these other children who then go to school and make fun of kids who are different, you know that’s just enough to make someone do irrational things — like committing suicide,” said Mitchell.

It was the second time in last last two months Chisham and his fellow preachers visited MSU. Their first appearance of the year came earlier in the semester on Sept. 28.

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