Unprofessional Twitter Use

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Kim, Ju-ha, a famous anchorwoman of South Korea, has more than 140,000 followers on her twitter account(@kimjuha). She recently became furious on another twitter user(@Social_Holic) who twitted “there is a brainless person who keeps twitting pointless things such as “I’m here”, “Is there anyone drowsy?” Even though the user did not point out who “the brainless” is, Kim used to make such comments and declared she will litigate him regarding possible libel charges.

First of all, Kim surely is a good profession and does good jobs on her reporting. She doesn’t deserve such an offensive comment. However, she has to admit that her twitter use has been unprofessional. It’s her freedom to twit whatever she wants but as a profession, and as a power-twitter who has more than a hundred-thousands followers, she has to be thoughtful with her twitter use. No one really wants to hear such comments like “I’m here,” when there are hundreds of other things to read.

Libel in South Korea is quite different from that of the United States. But, If she was in the U.S. she would have to prove that the comment hurt her feeling and led her to emotional distress with physical illness or monetary loss. Since she’s a public figure she also should prove the actual malice, which suggests that @Social_Holic meant to hurt her by distorting the truth. Moreover, hurt of feeling is not something to find compensations for, but something to overcome. Most of all, I believe the comment might be harsh but it’s still fair in terms of free speech. I’m just sorry that a leading figure of today’s journalism is not capable of dealing with both twitter and follow-up reaction.

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Corporation Identity of Sports Teams

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CI is important for sports teams because it’s not only for their public image but also for millions of people who’re going to purchase the related items. In that sense, creating and keeping the right CI will make it possible to satisfy the sports fans and build up strong and solid impression of the teams.

Some teams never change their uniform such as L.A. Lakers, Boston Celtics. Both teams are the best teams in the league that lead championship record chasing each other. If you have a look at their historical players such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who played in the 70’s, you’re going to figure out the uniform he wore is not so very different from the current one. Boston Celtics are even better at such consistency. It’s really hard to figure out the difference between the current Celtics Uniform and that of the 50’s. The consistency will help to build up reliable and firm image of the organizations.

Several NBA teams changed their uniforms and logos in recent years. They include Utah Jazz, Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, L.A Clippers. Especially the Jazz are apt to change their logo and uniforms often.

The Jazz has changed their logos and uniforms three times for the last 14 years, which suggest 4 different logos and uniforms for last 15 years. The changes were very major and it’s very hard to catch the common aspect in the designs. Such change will lead to confusion and less recognition.

Nevertheless, what’s optimistic about the recent change is that the team is trying to get back to the oldest one, unifying the images at the same time. The new logo and uniform movement seriously started in 2009 when they went retro with the old green and yellow jazz note uniform. Many home fans expressed their support to the uniform as they show up to the game wearing it. Jazz players also made some comments about their support to the retro uniform with the local media such as the Saltlake City Tribune. Greg Miller, the team owner declared that they will make some changes. The new uniforms and logo were publicized in June and they’re based on those of the 70’s which is the team’s first one. They also tried to keep the color set. The new color set which is navy, yellow, dark green will hopefully absorb the old history of the team that went too casual and made too frequent changes. Hopefully, the Jazz will keep it forever just like the Celtics even though I don’t like some of its elements. We just need some consistency!

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Daegu City Tour Map

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daegu city tour mapDaegu City Tour Map
I developed a city tour map of my hometown which is Daegu, Korea. The map starts from Daegu International Airport and leads to Kyeongpook University, a zoo, an amusement park, downtown Daegu, Mountain Ahapsan and Daegu World Cup Stadium. I just hope it would be useful to someone who visits there!

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Do we miss Wesley Matthews?

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Wesley Matthews against Kenyon Martin

Wesley Matthews was the best undrafted player last season. Now he’s the person all the undrafted rookies dream of.

After playing four years in Marquette University, he waited for 50 rounds of 2009 NBA draft. None of the teams ever picked him up. He was invited to the Utah Jazz camp. The Jazz needed some wing players because Kyle Korver underwent surgery during off season and was supposed to miss the first two months or so. What a lucky man he is. Another key shooting guard CJ Miles was injured during the training camp.

Matthews didn’t miss his chance. He had a good defense skills as well as hustles. He knew how to move in Sloan’s offense and was able to make open three pointers. He played all 82 games and made Ronnie Brewer, who was soon to be a FA, be traded to Grizzlies for a future first round pick. During the playoff, he matched up with Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant and proved himself to be capable of defending the top scorers in the league.

Matthews was supposed to be Jazzman again, when he obtained the status of restricted FA. Jazz front knew that he’s good and Jazz fans were talking about re-signing him at around $3 million per year, UNTIL THE TRAILBALZERS OFFERED HIM $35MILLION 5 YEAR DEAL.

Of course, Jazz didn’t match the deal and now he’s in the Trailblazers. He led scoring with 21 points in the first pre-season game against the Jazz. Do we miss him now?

Nate McMillan, the head-coach of Portland made some compliments on Matthews. McMillan said Matthews makes good combination in the backcourts with any of the other guards like Brandon Roy, Andre Miller, Rudy Fernandez.

In my opinion, he’s a good player and can be a starter or a key sixth-man in any team in the league. I wish him well because he’s a former Jazz player who devoted himself to the team. However, $35 million / 5 year deal is not very reasonable contract. He played four years in college, which suggest his skills are already near the peak. He doesn’t have potential to be a dominating player. He’s slightly undersized player as well, which induces problems when defending players like Kevin Durant or Hedo Turkoglu. The Jazz wouldn’t have matche the deal even if it was $25 Million/5 year. We’re going to be able to see if Portland payed its $35 for what it’s worth and that’s another reason that I’m waiting for the 2010-2011 season so bad.

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HTML Exercise

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HTML Tutorials

About HTML

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HTML Tutorials

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Re-signing Andrei Kirilenko?

October 6, 2010 4 comments

Saltlake City Tribune reported Andrei Kirilenko hopes to re-sign with the Jazz. He’s been playing for Utah since the 2001-2002 season.
The Jazz has been good about keeping their franchise players. Mark Eaton and John Stockton were drafted by Utah and never left the team throughout their career. Karl Malone also played for Utah all the season he played except the last one he played in the Lakers.
Based on the Jazz’s team style, the team will consider re-signing him seriously, or at least they would pretend they’re working on it. Andrei was definitely the Jazz’s franchise player and used to be the man before Deron Williams joined the team in 2005. He can block shots with his extremely long arms, which provide the Jazz strong paint-zone defense; He know how to pass the ball in Jerry Sloan’s motion offense; He’s a nice fast break finisher.
But the issue left to discuss is here; Is this 29-year-old forward would be healthy enough to contribute to the Jazz for next 3 or 4 years? Kirilenko played only 58 games last season, which suggests he missed 24 games. That’s almost 1/3 of the entire season. What was worse is that most of the games he missed were at the end of the season and the playoff days that the Jazz needed him so bad.
In my opinion, the Jazz should sign him only when the contract is moderate enough to embrace the possibility of loosing him due to injury. It’s cool to keep the franchise player from wearing another team’s uniform. I just hope AK would be willing to sign with the Jazz even if the contract might not be the best one in terms of financial benefit. The Jazz already paid him far more than he deserves.

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Carlos Boozer Injured and Reflection on Jazz’s Decision

October 6, 2010 2 comments

carlos boozer

ESPN Chicago reported Monday Carlos Boozer will be sidelined for the next eight weeks. Boozer was sign-and-traded from Utah Jazz to Chicago Bulls in July with a five-year contract worth about $75 million.

Jazz players including Deron Williams, Andrei Kirilenko, Paul Millsap said they felt sorry about him and defended him in an interview with Saltlake City Tribune saying that it was just unfortunate accident rather than Boozer’s fault.

Even though Boozer has been talking about moving to the big market teams, he used to say that he prefers to stay in the Jazz as long as he can get a decent and reasonable contract. Kevin O’Connor, Utah Jazz General Manager, allegedly made it the team’s off-season priority to sign Boozer. However Utah didn’t sign him and then the Bulls took him with the contract that is below the expectation that the Jazz was supposed to offer.

Throughout eight years of his career in NBA, he missed 146 games that are a little more than 22% of the total games he could have played if he was healthy. His injury-prone career was one of the reason that Jazz decided not to sign him during summer, and the Bulls are now figuring that out.

Jazz could obtain multimillion dollars trade exception in the the sign-and-trade for Boozer, and consumed it to trade Al Jefferson from Minnesota Timberwolves. The premise to compliment O’Connor would be to see Al Jefferson being healthy throughout the season. However, so far, the winner is the Utah Jazz.

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