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Do we miss Wesley Matthews?

Wesley Matthews against Kenyon Martin

Wesley Matthews was the best undrafted player last season. Now he’s the person all the undrafted rookies dream of.

After playing four years in Marquette University, he waited for 50 rounds of 2009 NBA draft. None of the teams ever picked him up. He was invited to the Utah Jazz camp. The Jazz needed some wing players because Kyle Korver underwent surgery during off season and was supposed to miss the first two months or so. What a lucky man he is. Another key shooting guard CJ Miles was injured during the training camp.

Matthews didn’t miss his chance. He had a good defense skills as well as hustles. He knew how to move in Sloan’s offense and was able to make open three pointers. He played all 82 games and made Ronnie Brewer, who was soon to be a FA, be traded to Grizzlies for a future first round pick. During the playoff, he matched up with Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant and proved himself to be capable of defending the top scorers in the league.

Matthews was supposed to be Jazzman again, when he obtained the status of restricted FA. Jazz front knew that he’s good and Jazz fans were talking about re-signing him at around $3 million per year, UNTIL THE TRAILBALZERS OFFERED HIM $35MILLION 5 YEAR DEAL.

Of course, Jazz didn’t match the deal and now he’s in the Trailblazers. He led scoring with 21 points in the first pre-season game against the Jazz. Do we miss him now?

Nate McMillan, the head-coach of Portland made some compliments on Matthews. McMillan said Matthews makes good combination in the backcourts with any of the other guards like Brandon Roy, Andre Miller, Rudy Fernandez.

In my opinion, he’s a good player and can be a starter or a key sixth-man in any team in the league. I wish him well because he’s a former Jazz player who devoted himself to the team. However, $35 million / 5 year deal is not very reasonable contract. He played four years in college, which suggest his skills are already near the peak. He doesn’t have potential to be a dominating player. He’s slightly undersized player as well, which induces problems when defending players like Kevin Durant or Hedo Turkoglu. The Jazz wouldn’t have matche the deal even if it was $25 Million/5 year. We’re going to be able to see if Portland payed its $35 for what it’s worth and that’s another reason that I’m waiting for the 2010-2011 season so bad.

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