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Carlos Boozer Injured and Reflection on Jazz’s Decision

carlos boozer

ESPN Chicago reported Monday Carlos Boozer will be sidelined for the next eight weeks. Boozer was sign-and-traded from Utah Jazz to Chicago Bulls in July with a five-year contract worth about $75 million.

Jazz players including Deron Williams, Andrei Kirilenko, Paul Millsap said they felt sorry about him and defended him in an interview with Saltlake City Tribune saying that it was just unfortunate accident rather than Boozer’s fault.

Even though Boozer has been talking about moving to the big market teams, he used to say that he prefers to stay in the Jazz as long as he can get a decent and reasonable contract. Kevin O’Connor, Utah Jazz General Manager, allegedly made it the team’s off-season priority to sign Boozer. However Utah didn’t sign him and then the Bulls took him with the contract that is below the expectation that the Jazz was supposed to offer.

Throughout eight years of his career in NBA, he missed 146 games that are a little more than 22% of the total games he could have played if he was healthy. His injury-prone career was one of the reason that Jazz decided not to sign him during summer, and the Bulls are now figuring that out.

Jazz could obtain multimillion dollars trade exception in the the sign-and-trade for Boozer, and consumed it to trade Al Jefferson from Minnesota Timberwolves. The premise to compliment O’Connor would be to see Al Jefferson being healthy throughout the season. However, so far, the winner is the Utah Jazz.

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  1. October 6, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    This injury is a shame for the Chicago Bulls, a team that looked like it would have a shot at winning the east (before the Lebron James went to Miami to create the NBA’s new three-headed monster.) Boozer would have been the veteran presence a young Bull’s squad could have learned from. Though, his best years may be behind him already, this injury is a major set back for an under rated player who had a shot at making a fresh start in a great basketball city.
    I agree that the winner of this deal is now the Utah Jazz. Letting go of a player who helped solidify their roster for the past few years must not string quite as much as it did after Boozer’s latest injury.

  2. October 6, 2010 at 11:30 pm

    Tough break for Boozer (even though he’s a dooookie). Not sure if I’m still buying he got hurt answering the door or not but that’s neither here nor there. It would appear as if you are a big Jazz fan and as a Jazz fan I wouldn’t be to torn up about the loss of Boozer. Like you said he’s missed 146 games and is not getting any younger. They Jazz is also getting Big Al, a younger perhaps just as talented player, to roll as Williams sidekick. As long as Jerry Sloan and D-Will are with the team they’ll be in the playoffs.

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