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[open topic assginment]Utah Jazz’s Open Scrimmage & Changes for Upcoming Season


Utah Jazz had its open scrimmage Satursday in Energy Solution Arena. The team had a chance to introduce the new court design as well as new players such as Al Jefferson, Gordon Hayward, Raja Bell, Earl Watson to the Jazz fans.

During the open scrimmage, CJ Miles spained his left wrist and is going to be re-evaluated for Monday’s practice.

The 2010-2011 season will be a big season for the Jazz since the Jazz picked up its rookie at 9th pick, which was first time for the team to use such a high-level pick since 2004 Draft when they picked Deron Williams, 2009-2011 All-Star guard with its third pick overall.

Jazz picked Gordon Hayward, the 20-year-old hero of Butler University that nearly overthrew Duke in the last NCAA final. He’s such a versitile player that is expected to fill in the small forward position and eventually replace Andrei Kirilenko as his contract expires by the end of this upcoming season.

Another big addition to the team is definately Al Jefferson who was traded from Minnesota Timberwolves in July. He can play both power forward and center position, which is great in the sense that Memet Okur, the starting center of the last seson, is expected to be absent for the first a couple of month as he recovers from the Achilles’ tendon surgery he had in May.

Upcoming season will be a very interesting since the Jazz’s roster has been changed in huge scale changing 40 percent of its starting members(Al Jefferson, Raja Bell) and adding up two of key bench players(Gordon Hayward, Earl Watson)
The Jazz fans will be pleased if they go higher than they did in last season, which was the second round. After this season Jazz will have a lot more salary cap space as Andrei Kirilenko and Memet Okur’s big contracts expire, enabling it to use potentially $27 million, which suggest the team is supposed to get better as time goes.

The Los Angeles Lakers has defeated the Utah Jazz for the last three seasons in the playoff. But this season, the Jazzmans will say they’re ready to win. Deon Williams said in his interview with Saltlake City Tribune that he officially hates the Lakers. This season will the Jazz fans time to see how likely they’re going to be able to beat the L.A., according to Deron Williams.

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  1. October 7, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    As much at I love D-Will’s game I just don’t think they have the talent to match up with LA. I hated Hayward leaving Butler when they had a chance to do something special there, but I totally understand why he did. I love the Big Al trade after losing Boozer because he has a great low post game. However, the Jazz stape has been the pick-and-roll, and I don’t think Jefferson has the athleticism to run it with Williams. Should be another solid Jerry Sloan team, but I think LA and OK City are better.

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